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We are the Kitchen Family. Our family has been boating for years in Utah and love the sport. We decided to get into helping other people enjoy this hobby also. We got introduced to both Wave Armor and Shorestation through the business and decided that we would like to help the western states close to us enjoy the service and quality we have experienced. We offer both freestanding and floating style docks as well as all the accessories and service that they require. We also offer both boat and watercraft docks as well as floating ports that work with most machines on the market. We are here to make sure you boat stays afloat.




What makes a great boat dock? Cove Boat Lifts & Docks serve many purposes beyond keeping your boat confined to a specific area. Boat docks and boat lifts need to have the strength to keep you expensive boats and PWC’s  in the area you want them to be in, but at the same time, be able to protect your investments from weather that could result in expensive damage caused by weak docking systems. We manufacture a wide range of dock sizes to suit your specific needs and the needs of your boats and watercraft. We are an authorized dealer of both Shorestation and Wave Armor. As such we can custom design your dock to the size you need. We make docks, lifts and ports for both small and large bodies of water. Modular dock design allows you to easily expand your docking system by simply adding the panels you need. All of our docks are constructed using the highest quality materials available. We know an investment like this needs to stand the test of time and this is why we only offer the highest quality products in our area.  So give us a call today 801-433-8087 and we have a great staff on hand to help you with everything you need to know to get your docking system started today.


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