Extension Leg 10" for ShoreStation Leg Frame

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The ShoreStation Classic Dock 10" Leg Extension offers 10" of usuable leg height with a 6" x 8" base pad. These leg extensions are designed specifically for ShoreStation dock support leg frames.


  • Dock to Water Line is measured from the top of the dock to the top of the water. A minimum of 18” is recommended. In many cases, more than 18” is required to accommodate rough waves and other conditions.
  • Water Depth is measured from the water line to lake bed.

These leg frames are combined with our adjustable leg extensions to conform with the natural slope of the lake bed.The chart below lists the standard combinations of Leg Frames and adjustable Leg Extensions that can be used together to reach water depths upto 147” (12’ 3”).

* Maximum water depth is based on 18” from the top of the dock to the water line. Some lake conditions may require additional clearance.

 Leg Frame  Leg Extension  Height Leg Retracted  Height Leg Extended  Amount of Adjustment  Max Water Depth 
LF15 LX10 17" 27" 10" 9"
LF22 LX17 24" 41" 17" 23"
LF36 LX31 38" 69" 31" 51"
LF48 LX49 56" 99" 43" 81"
LF66 LXH64 74" 130" 56" 112"
LF84 LXH82 91" 165" 74" 147"

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have with this system.


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